A day has 24 hours. If I sleep 8, work 8, commute 2 and spend my 1-hour lunch break with colleagues, that leaves 5 hours every day. In this time, I have to buy groceries, eat, maybe cook, shower, go to the toilet, clean the apartment, do the laundry and deal with paperwork and other stuff.

So, more realistically, I am left with 3 hours of free time every working day.

I call those three hours my “Time after tax”.

Don’t get me wrong. I find pleasure in my work, I like having lunch with my colleagues, I enjoy buying groceries sometimes. But still, there are things that I want to do, that I can do only in those 3 hours.

An hour worked additionally, an hour spent in traffic additionally, reduces this time by 33%.

An hour saved in working time or commute increases it by 25%.

Those are big differences!

You don’t have much time, don’t give it away for cheap.

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